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When John Francisco, a self-proclaimed bohemian, booked his spring break trip to Rome with his entourage of like-minded bros, he never thought that love, of all things, would be one of the main attractions. However, this isn't just his story and Rome was just the beginning...

Follow John, Blake, Charlie, Freddy, and Carlos, as each of these Bohemians embark on their own romantic adventure amidst the ever-expanding sphere of hook-up culture.



Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Carlos is a writer and social media marketer. He has written articles for Hulu, AMC Theatres, Phlearn Magazine, among other digital publications on subjects such as film, music, graphic design, and comic books.

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Carlos sat down with Keith Richardson and Rodney Campbell from the More in Common Podcast, opening up about his book The Bohemians, the music and meaning behind Lonelez, and a whole lot more.


"We create labels to simplify how we see the world. It's an important part of how our brain works. However, those labels can, and often do, cheat us out of really getting to know someone. What you learn about Carlos in this episode though will change how you look at him as a musician. This conversation is a great example of how our assumptions can limit our ability to truly know what someone wants from life and who they are." - More in Common


From Russia with Love
Summer Lovin' in Berlin

"I love how the book can take you into the lives of different people and shows off different aspects of how love becomes and conquers. I couldn’t put the book down. I was very intrigued in the dialogue and in the author's perspective of this story. Hands down one of the best reads this summer. "

- Danielle, via

"It was an AMAZING read. I couldn't put it down and finished it in two hours!"

- Lili, via Instagram


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